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QO100 SAT Uplink Eleonore Traun - Downlink Stadtwerkstatt

<---- CLICK here for more Info ---- Linz, Austria | Loc: JN78dh, ASL: 200 m





SAT-Uplink Vessel Eleonore Linz - Traun
A free opinion needs a free media (Stadtwerkstatt 1993). For this reason we operate broadcasting facilities up to the present. We are a non-commercial Organisation and conduct research in the field of art, society and information theory for a better, human future. Our transmitter are in the shortwave range at 7Mhz (WSPR Beacon). Via satellite we make digimodes, transmissions starting mostly at 16.00 in FAX mode. I'm the OP and my callsign is OE5FXC. Our location Linz. Furthermore there are free experimental networks in the ISM and CB bands. Visit

Listen at the Frequency 10489.585 Mhz - 4pm
And use a Weatherfax APP to decode the FAX
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